Connor. 19 and female. I reside in Florida. Slytherin. Dancer extraordinaire. Marvel fangirl. Ships all the things. Owner of a bitchy lovebird and a beagle. Hawkeye. Actually Karen Gillan. Lover of tea.

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minutes of hawkeye

Anonymous asked: sorry to bother you, but could you please tag your american horror story posts... the show really freaks me out. thank you xx

i’ll start tagging posts as ahs


without glasses: 


with glasses: 


Don’t call us freaks!



behati prinsloo // maroon 5 “animals” music video


harry and hermione’s relationship is so important because it shows that two characters can love each other deeply but not in a romantic way and there are not enough boy/girl unconditional, innocent friendships like that in books and that is why i am refusing to accept that J.K. wanted them together


The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At a Party 

Watching this 25/7.

make me choose → anon asked: inner senshi or outer senshi?


thats a cool character design but consider the following:

  • freckles