Connor. 19 and female. I reside in Florida. Slytherin. Dancer extraordinaire. Marvel fangirl. Ships all the things. Owner of a bitchy lovebird and a beagle. Hawkeye. Actually Karen Gillan. Lover of tea.

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minutes of hawkeye


you know how gay jemma simmons is for bobbi moise?



is this love, Agent Romanoff?

succubuffy replied to your post: HEY YALL PROBABLY THOUGHT I DIED BUT I…

are you really okay, Connor? are you really? is anyone okay? after that episode? and the revelation that the trailer will be out next week? iS ANYONE REALLY OKAY? NO ONE WILL EVER BE OKAY AGAIN

anyone that could see my twitter feed knew i was nOT OKAY





I just want Kamala to meet everyone but especially the girls :D


the only vine that matters 


Beatrice the beautiful and majestic ice queen, i love her so much


Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.

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i just tweeted jeremy renner a selfie telling him to come thru that old ass man probably gon be like “Come thru where? Where am i going?”

And now Klaus is apparently running off to go and save Sunny. In the books of course it is Violet, but I know that Hollywood prefers its female actresses to do very little.
Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events audio commentary  (via captainofalltheships)

The urgency of the war, along with changing conceptions of women’s roles in society, meant that the U.S. military enlisted the help of thousands of women. In fact, about 350,000 women served in the armed forces […] When women shipped off, they took cosmetics with them into battle. Lipstick was one of the ways these women defined themselves; to them it signaled femininity and strength. (full quote at sarriane)


but seriously imagine mr. and mrs. granger getting a letter from hogwarts in hermione’s second year

"what the fuck do you mean our daughter turned herself into a cat

how the fuck is that possible

how did you not catch her making a fucking cat potion”